Zagorski štrukli

The preparation of traditional dishes of Zagorje domestic strudels implies the specialty of almost every housekeeper from the area of ​​Croatian Zagorje, which is located in Krapina-Zagorje County, which includes the place Đurmanec, and with some differences also from the whole central Croatia. Zagorje region is a treasure trove of unusual treats, which by force of opportunity and poverty the imaginative Zagorke prepared for their many families. Just like PIZZA was originally a dish of the poorest layers of society and today it is the world’s most famous and recognized specialty,  Zagorski ŠTRUKLI where also made as a cheap meal, but today they are one of the trademarks and specialties of every gastronomic home that you can not resist foreign or domestic guests.

Štrukli can be prepared as salty and sweet, can be cooked and baked, served as soup, parsley, dessert, main dish and individually a small dish. Every part of this area has its own version and its way of making Štrukli. They are prepared in such a way that, in all versions, the drawn dough is filled with cow cheese, with the addition of sour cream and eggs, then bend and then put the sauce. This traditional meal has been served in Zagorje households for several hundred years, and similar dish is not known in the world.




SIRNICA – zagorski štrukli made with cheese


Ingredients needed for cheese rolls are one cow cheese, egg, salt, cream, and a little sugar can be added to be sweet. Everything is mixed with a fork or a hand, and it overflows pastry. The baker is submerged, stripped in a baking pan and bake with melted butter, margarine, oil or cream.


BUĆNICA – zagorski štrukli made with pumpkin


A cow cheese, eggs and a small amount of salt, are mixed with the dough. Common hazelnuts (round, green, and possibly some other species) are previously floated on the noodles, moistened and let stand a little. The pumpking should be drained and mixed with cheese and eggs. The next procedure is the same as for Zagorski štrukli made by cheese.